Ep 17 - Abroad in Norway! w/ Adam Woolcott

Live from Bergen, Norway! I sit down with my new roommate Adam Woolcott form Brisbane, Australia. We talk about what its like coming to Norway and some of the things we have done so far. We also talk about the eco-friendliness of Norway and global climate problems around the world.

Ep 16 - Space X & Elon Musk w/ Maddox Trujillo

Talking everything from Falcon Heavy to Tesla, Neuralink and more! Maddox Trujillo a true Elon Musk fanatic joins me to discuss what the future will look like in technology. Will we ever return to the moon? Will everyone be driving an electric car soon? If you like the podcast please leave a 5 star rating and subscribe!!

Ep 15 - Community Involvement & History Education w/ Samira Ali

Getting involved in your local community is something important that everyone should do. Samira Ali is someone who stands up for what she believes in and strives to make a difference. From volunteering to traveling to history education, Samira was a great guest and an honor to have on the podcast.

Ep 14 - Becoming A Teacher w/ Christina Craig

On the journey to becoming a teacher, I sit down with Christina Craig to talk about our time together at our summer internship and more. What makes a great teacher & Is teaching meant for everyone?

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Ep 13 - From Lebanon To America w/ Jamal Moussa

From Abu Dhabi to Madison, Wisconsin. Jamal has lots to say about his experiences living across the globe. Learn more about Lebanese food and culture. Jamal is here to put Lebanon on the map and inform more people about the wonderful country!

Ep 12 - Phone Addiction & Productivity w/ Aisha Said

Are we too addicted to our phones and constantly being connected? Aisha gives us her own experience with her phone usage and strategies to unplug every now and then.

Ep 11 - Travelling & Studying Abroad w/ Casey Lagueras

Flying for free around the world! How working for an airline can get you free flights & the value of studying abroad while in college. Casey Lagueras was the perfect guest to have on for this topic, enjoy!

Ep 10 - Dating In College w/ Annie Nguyen

The challenges of dating in college with Annie Nguyen. How to communicate and manage your time for an effective relationship.

Ep 9 - Not Playing It Safe With Immigrant Parents w/ Vaishnavi Venkat

So... Are you going to become a doctor? This week I sat down with Vaishnavi Venkat to talk about dealing with immigrant parents and their standards. Why playing it "safe" is not always the best option and how she chose a different route.

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Ep 8 - From Finland To America w/ Aisha Said

What are the differences between Finland and America? In this episode, we sit down with Aisha Said to talk about her experiences of moving to America during high school and how it's different from Finland.

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