Ep 7 - Journalism & Podcasts w/ Jon Ababiy

Ever wonder what writing for a newspaper would be like? In this episode, we sit down with Jon Ababiy a columnist for the MN Daily newspaper. Learn about how he writes his columns, truth/bias in journalism and some of our favorite podcasts!

Ep 6 - Living & Working In Alaska For Summer w/ Daniela Kunkel

Ever wonder what living in Alaska would be like? Discussing what it's like to spend an entire summer living and working there with Daniela Kunkel!

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Ep 5 - Liberal Arts & Ruining Our Parents Dreams w/ Casey Lagueras

Discussing Liberal Arts with Casey Lagueras! How failing Calculus led me down a different path and why liberal arts aren't the end of the world. Also, we finally made in on Apple Podcasts! FEEDBACK / BUISNESS INQUIERIES - [email protected]

Ep 4 - Passion & Music w/ Jason O

An in-depth interview with Jason O on being apart of the University of Minnesota Marching Band, Following your passion, continuing music after college and more!

Ep 3 - Disappointment and Not Getting Into Dream School w/ Jonathan Wang

Do you have a dream school? In this episode with Jonathan Wang, we talking about applying for college, not making it to your dream school and more! Go Banana slugs!

Ep 2 - Procrastination and Bad Sleeping Habits w/ Bharath Sivaram

Episode Notes:

In this episode, we sit down with Bharath Sivaram and talk about Procrastination and Bad sleeping habits. From cooking at 2 am to falling asleep on the couch college is the ultimate place for procrastination.

Ep 1 - International Student Hypebeasts w/ Trevor Rodriguez

Episode Notes

Flexing Supreme, Louis Vuitton, and Canada Goose. International students aka Hypebeasts are killing the game on college campuses across America. What makes a Hypebeast and how do you know if you are one?

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